Sharp MX-M464N Driver Download – Windows, Mac, Linux

Sharp MX-M464N Driver Download & Reviews

Sharp MX-M464N Driver Download - Windows, Mac, Linux
Sharp MX-M464N

Sharp MX-M464N PCL6 Driver & Scanner, Manual Installations, Toner Cartridges- The usage of the printer is very popular nowadays. You can find this product in several areas. It is not found in certain offices or businesses, but also it may be found in many homes. Sharp MX-M464N can be the solution for you. This copier type printer is utilizing laser printing technologies. You will be easy because it is completed with touch screen display features to use this copy machine.

As you realize that Sharp is a type of popular brand across the world. You may pick Sharp MX-M464N as the copier machine that is very best for your company. It has big memory. In addition, you will not clean your electricity since it just needs 1.534 watts from its power. Completing by touch screen technology on its own features, it is going to be easier to be used and looks contemporary.
Sharp MX-M464N also completed by wireless connections. It is compatible to use with Windows 7. Also, you can use wireless such LAN to turn your job in printing your document from the computer or your mobile be simple. Therefore, don’t be concerned about its capability. It may be called since the multifunction printer because you can use it as the printer, copier, and scanner. Don’t be shocked to know you can print a document.
As high-quality printer class, toner cartridges that are very good are being used by this. There are various types. Sharp itself produces it. Some experts review of this cartridges layout shows that the result of the printing files is elastic and excellent. You can cost-saving use toner from a brand.
The Sharp MX-M464N laser printer uses the OEM Sharp laser toner cartridges & supplies. The laser toner cartridges for your Sharp MX-M464N are dependable toners with yields, high quality. Print crisp pages, perfect for home and office use with the Sharp MX-M464N laser toner cartridges.

Sharp MX-M464N Specifications

  • Copy Resolution 600×600 dpi
  • Dimensions 608x690x837 mm
  • Maximum Paper Size A3
  • Standard Fonts 80 fonts for PCL,136 fonts for PostScript 3 emulation
  • Approx Weight 66kg
  • Printer Required Option MX-PK11, XPS required, optional MX-PUX1 and 2 GB Momery
  • Standard Memory 3 GB
  • Max Power Consumption 1.44 kw
  • File Formats TIFF,PDF,PDF/A,Encrypted PDF,JPG(Color only),XPS
  • Scan Resolution Push Scan :100600 dpi,Pull Scan 75600 dpi, 50 to 9600 dpi via user setting
  • Max Paper Capacity 6600
  • Print Resolution 600×600 dpi ,9600 (equivalent)x600 dpi
  • Network Protocols Std. TCP/IP(Ipv4,Ipv6),IPX/SPX (NetWare)Ether Talk(Apple talk)
  • Control Panel Display 10.1″ LCD touch screen
  • Standard Interface USB 2.0,10 BaseT/100 BaseTX1000 BaseT
  • Network TCP/IP(Ipv4,Ipv6),IPX/SPX (NetWare)Ether Talk(Apple talk)
  • Standard Paper Capacity 600
  • Warm-up Time Approx 12 sec
  • Memory Option 2 GB
  • Max. Original Size A3
  • Supported Os Opt. (Optional PK11,XPS required for Mac OS and Ether talk)
  • Zoom Range 25% 400%
  • Copy/print Speed Max. 46 cpm/ppm
  • Pdl Emulation Standard Standerd PCL 6 Emulation

Sharp MX-M464N Toner Cartridges

  • Compatible Sharp MX-560NT Black
  • Original Sharp MX-560NT Black
  • Original Sharp MX-560NV Developer 

How to Installations Sharp MX-M464N For Macintosh

  • Download the driver from link above.
  • Click “View File”.
  • Select the downloaded file.
  • Click the MacOSx folder.
  • Click the folder for your version. What version?
  • Click the installer package and follow instructions and next.
  • Enter the Name & Password. Click Install Software.
  • When the installation has completed screen appears, click close.

How to Installations Sharp MX-M464N For Windows

  • Download the software from the link above.
  • Then extract the file and save the extracted files in any folder.
  • Click the ->Start button, select ->Settings & then click ->Printers.
  • Double-click the ->Add printer icon.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After the installation completed & then test print.

Sharp MX-M464N Driver Download for Windows, Mac, Linux

System Operation Download
MAC OS Driver for MX-M464N
Contains: Mac OS 10.8-10.11 Print Drivers
Windows 32 bit OS Driver for MX-M464N
Contains: PCL, PS, PPD, XPS, Universal Drivers
Windows 64 bit OS Driver for MX-M464N
Contains: PCL, PS, PPD, XPS, Universal Drivers
Windows Software Option for MX-M464N
Contains: PC-FAX, TWAIN, Sharp Status Monitor
Linux, Linux/Cups PPD for MX-M464N
Linux/Cups PPD
Windows OS Driver for MX-M464N
Contains: Universal Driver
Windows 32 Bit OS Driver for MX-M464N
Contains: PCL, PS, PPD Print Drivers
Windows 64 Bit OS Driver for MX-M464N
Contains: PCL, PS, PPD Print Drivers
Windows WHQL OS Software Package
Contains: WHQL TWAIN Driver